Saturday, September 18, 2010

That's Not Raindrops on Your Heads, Folks!

Trickle Down Effect: Stack the top and eventually some will "trickle down" to the bottom.
This works well for waterfalls, not so much for economics.

Problem: Nothing is "trickling down". Pretty much everything is still at the top.
(Statistics verify this "phenomenon". Conclude trickle down doesn't work.)
Most Republican politicians still favor this plan and many Democrats, too.
Poor people of both parties end up voting against their own best interests, sadly.
(Usually, to keep other people from doing what we think is wrong. But, you can't legislate morality. I'm sorry, but it doesn't work. We don't have a shared morality. If we did, we wouldn't be fighting amongst ourselves, would we?)

      Now, I am not a Socialist that wants everyone to have everything exactly the same.(Sorry about the bad word there, folks.)  But, I am a Progressive that doesn't believe in making the same mistakes over and over and expecting a different outcome.
Doing what has been shown to fail, time and time again, is the actual definition of insanity!
 Change is hard for everyone, but we've tried insanity and it doesn't work.
      I've looked at Statistics and wealth distribution is getting REALLY skewed in favor of a very few.

     I am not Robin Hood. I don't want to steal from the rich to give to the poor. But, making sure that those with all of the money do the right thing and pay their employees what they are worth, instead of KEEPING all of the money, isn't Socialism, it is doing the right thing.

     Capitalism is a wonderful thing. However, when a very few people or families ACTUALLY DO have control of the jobs, salaries, influence lawmakers that raise (or don't raise) minimum wage, unduly influences the Judiciary, lives well off of the money of lobbyists backed by major corporations, media OWNED by about 6 people or corporations(literally owned, folks. Do the research yourself. Google Australian Media Millionaire and read a little bit.)...well, you get my meaning. It will mean more to you if you do the research yourself.

    Nobody wants a class war, well, nobody sane wants one. However, I believe it will come to that when more citizens start realizing that all they have is strength in numbers. Because times are so hard right now, a lot of people have started looking at Unions as the bad guys. While I agree that sometimes Union demands are off of the grid, Unions are our last defense against greedy Corporate owners that hold all of the power over us. (Owners' money versus workers' numbers.)

    Remember, the richest 10% have the majority of the money and money equals POWER.
The only thing the other 90% have, that is us, is strength in numbers. That also equals power, but we squander our power by bickering amongst ourselves. It makes us weak. It makes us stupid and intolerant of others.
It makes us sheep.

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