Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Traditional Values

 "In 1852, Abby Kelley Foster boldly stated, "For fourteen years I have advocated this cause in my daily life. Bloody feet, sisters, have worn smooth the path by which you have come hither."

(Please, Ladies especially, read that last quote again.)

   "Abolitionist and ex-slave Sojourner Truth commanded attention at a regional meeting at Akron, Ohio in 1851, challenging the notion that equality was only for white, educated men and women. When she rose to her nearly six-foot stature and gave an oration that became known as the "Ain't I a Woman?" speech, she left her audience with faces "beaming with joyous gladness".

   The anti-suffrage movement was fighting against a philosophy of Traditional Values.

    Traditional Values in this context is "the way we've always done things."

    I'm sure the men had very good reasons for treating their wives, sisters and daughters as child-like entities that needed to be told what to think and do.

   Eventually though, women stood up for themselves and their daughters and won the right to vote.


 Fastforward to today: small(ish) subset of people that are also fighting for equal rights against the ever-present Traditional Values Philosophy.

       Only, unlike women's rights, this subset of people is made up of all sexes, all ages, all colors and ethnicities.

    I'm sure people, meaning both men and women, have very good reasons for treating their sons, daughters, sisters, brothers, mothers and fathers as if they were somehow less of a person, just because they don't fit the norm.(norm mean majority)
     I don't get it, but there you go.
         The reason I hear the most for treating some of our family members and friends badly is, you guessed it; Traditional Values.  As a woman, I'm not a big fan of "Traditional Values" that exist to bully or take away the rights of people that are different.

       I would love for every Christian to watch the Documentary, For The Bible Tells Me So. Seriously. Everyone should see it.

      Then, pray about it, meditate, play some basketball or go fishing, whatever helps, but think about what I have said today, please.

      Oh, and everyone, don't forget to VOTE! :)


Idea derived from http://www.wsbt.com/news/wsbt-south-bend-council-rejects-gay-102510,0,4158823.story

Mrs. Jude Bourff